Funding to repair flooded roads


Galway East TD Paul Connaughton has welcomed today’s announcement that €106 million is being provided to address damage to roads throughout the country which arose during recent flooding.

‘This money will be especially welcome in county Galway as many roads, both national and regional, were damaged as a result of flooding. The repair of these roads will place significant strain on council budgets and that is why today’s announcement is so necessary.

‘This money now needs to be drawn down as quickly as possible so that work can start on repairing flood-damaged roads throughout the county. I know that the damage done to roads has caused huge inconvenience to motorists to date and given the extent of the damage, it is important that work on these roads gets underway as quickly as possible.

‘The €106 million provided will be used to repair roads and will also be used for preventative works in county Galway. The scale of the flooding required a cross-departmental response and while I know that a lead was taken on this issue by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, buy-in was also necessary from the Department of the Environment and Local Government and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

‘The work done by many voluntary and community groups, from civil defence to local community groups and groups of neighbours working together during the floods, must also be commended. When significant floods strike on a wide scale, the resources of the local authority are stretched beyond their limits and I believe that greater planning for such events is needed, for example, Galway County Council should have a plan in place to liaise with local Community Alert groups or community development companies to ensure that local information is fed back to the Council in a timely fashion, which can help with the erection of warning signs and the creation of diversion routes.’