Payments to young farmers must be prioritised


Payments to farmers in the Young Farmers Scheme must be prioritised, according to Paul Connaughton TD, who has also called for greater access to information for young farmers left without payment.

‘In recent days I have been contacted by a number of young farmers who are very frustrated and worried because they have not received their payment from the Department of Agriculture. These farmers have significant investment planned and while the 25% top up payment is most welcome for these farmers, the lack of payment is causing real difficulty.

‘Another problem that these farmers face is the lack of transparency from the Department of Agriculture. They are finding it impossible to get information as to what is causing the delay and when payments will issue. These farmers are crucial to the future of farming in this region and they must be encouraged in their efforts and supported in terms of their investment. I will be taking this matter up with the Minister for Agriculture in coming days.’