Farming by calendar not working in current climate


The vexed question of trying to farm by the calendar and not by the prevailing weather conditions has been raised by Deputy Paul Connaughton who said this week that changes will have to be introduced to allow flexibility to farmers to put out slurry when field conditions are suitable and not to have a straitjacket approach which may ultimately mean that slurry will be applied after a given date but not necessarily in the best of conditions.

Deputy Connaughton said there were many occasions at the end of last October and before the monsoon weather started in November and December that farmers could have put out slurry in almost ideal conditions but were prevented from doing so by the calendar date of October 15th.

‘What has now happened is that many slurry tanks are almost bursting and despite the fact that they are legally entitled in county Galway to put the slurry out after January 15th, they are unable to do so now because of the wet, sodden conditions of the fields. I would hope in the near future that real common sense would prevail and when weather and soil conditions are right, that farmers should be allowed to put out slurry.’