Emergency support for small businesses affected by flooding


Payments of €5,000 for small businesses in County Galway affected by flooding are due to be paid before Christmas. The emergency humanitarian support is to be administered through the Irish Red Cross to small businesses with less than 20 employees who are not covered by flood insurance.

The scheme will commence immediately, meaning that businesses will qualify for up to €5,000 aid which is expected to be issued before Christmas. It is expected that this will meet the needs for the majority of small businesses. The application process is designed to be as straightforward as possible for businesses.

In the event that businesses have incurred significant damages above €5,000, further support of up to €15,000 will be available, bringing to €20,000 the maximum payment available. The application for the second payment will be a more lengthy process and will require a detailed assessment.

A great many businesses throughout east Galway have been affected by flooding. This money will help small businesses in the replacement of flooring, fixtures and damaged stock and hopefully will allow some to open their doors in the crucial period before Christmas. The scheme will be administered by the Irish Red Cross and only businesses who could not secure flood insurance are eligible.