Topical Issue Debate – Delays in Garda Vetting


Dáil Éireann 3 December 2015

In recent weeks I have been contacted by a number of schools in East Galway who are experiencing real difficulty in terms of getting Garda vetting for students who are doing Post Leaving Cert Courses.

In one case, a school is still waiting on Garda vetting for two students who started in early September, so almost half the academic year is gone and they cannot undertake any work experience. Not alone does this affect their chances of getting work experience during the course, but if they get offered work as a result of the course, they also experience inordinate delays in terms of starting work.

In France, a person can walk into a local police station with their passport and PPS number and the police can process the vetting request there and then. Can such a system not be established in Ireland, the current process is not working for anyone, not for students, job seekers, those who have secured new employment and employers who are spending far too long waiting for Garda vetting for employees.

At the moment teachers are reporting to me that it is taking up to 12 weeks to get Garda vetting, which places a great strain on administrators trying to run post leaving certificate courses, especially in health and nursing studies and childcare studies, where all participants have to be Garda vetted for each work placement.