Short-term broadband solution needed for businesses in Kilchreest


Lack of high quality broadband is hampering the development of between 40 and 50 businesses in the Kilchreest, Ballymanagh and Peterswell areas of south Galway, according to Galway East TD Paul Connaughton, who arranged a meeting between local business interests and Vodafone and Vilicom earlier this week.

The meeting in the Village Inn in Kilchreest was attended by about a dozen of the local businesses who are affected by slow broadband speeds and was also attended by Mr. Gary Healy, Head of External Affairs and Regulation with Vodafone Ireland and Stephen Shannon from Vilicom.

‘Business owners in Kilchreest, Ballymanagh and Peterswell are looking for short-term solutions for their broadband difficulties, which will help them to develop until such time as fibre broadband is made available. Remarkably, there are between 40 and 50 businesses in the area of Kilchreest, Ballymanagh and Peterswell affected and Vilicom may be in a position to provide a short-term solution to their broadband needs, which would be greatly welcome.

‘Fibre broadband is the solution that these businesses need, but businesses in south Galway cannot wait for the provision of a long-term solution, they need practical solutions that can be put in place in coming weeks and months to solve their broadband issues and allow them to continue to develop their businesses.

‘The meeting on Tuesday morning last in the Village Inn was very worthwhile and I believe will result in effective solutions for many of the businesses represented. It was great to meet so many business owners who are operating varied types of businesses from this rural location in south Galway. It shows the possibilities that are there for jobs in rural areas with the provision of high quality broadband.’