What’s up with mobile coverage?


Galway East TD Paul Connaughton is this week contacting mobile phone companies to query their mobile coverage in East Galway after a number of complaints in recent weeks about deteriorating mobile phone coverage and mobile blackspots around the county.

‘In recent weeks I have been contacted by constituents from different areas of County Galway who have noticed a marked deterioration in their mobile phone coverage. Some report getting no coverage in areas where there was previously no problem, others report repeated dropped calls and fluctuation in service and this is something that I have also noticed as I travelled around the county in recent weeks.

‘This is causing serious problems for many business people and also individuals. It makes it harder to do business in rural areas of the county and also places a great strain on family carers and parents trying to contact children.

‘People have also asked me about getting out of long standing contracts now that the coverage has deteriorated so drastically, they believe that the phone company is no longer fulfilling its side of the contract in that it isn’t providing a service that is fit for purpose.

‘I am now writing to all of the major phone companies asking about their coverage across East Galway and will make available all of the information received. People need to know if these problems are short term or long-term and what companies, if any, can provide excellent coverage in their home area. I also intend to ask phone companies what their policy is if their standard of coverage deteriorates, if that negates contracts that people have entered into and how customers can go about proving this.

‘This very real problem is creating huge difficulty and frustration for many people across Galway East, and there is the added difficulty of the increased costs and delays associated with multiple dropped calls.’