Increased flexibility on community road projects welcome


News that County Councils can use a portion of the funding allocated for regional and local roads for Community Involvement Schemes and Local Improvement Schemes was welcomed today by Galway East TD Paul Connaughton.

‘Earlier today Ministers Paschal Donoghue and Michael Ring announced additional road restoration funding, including an allocation of over €1,626,000 for Galway County Council. As part of the announcement, it was stated that Councils how have discretion to use a portion of this funding for Community Involvement schemes and Local Improvement Schemes.

‘This will give Galway County Council extra flexibility in terms of road maintenance and upgrades across the county. The decision that up to 20% of the road allocation can be used for Community Involvement Schemes and 10% for Local Improvement Schemes is most welcome as many communities across the county have come together to get work done on local roads and laneways not taken in charge by the council, but their efforts have been hampered by a lack of finance available to the County Councils.

‘Community participation in the Community Involvement Scheme can come in a variety of forms, including the provision of excavators, road building material and labour. Another welcome development is increased flexibility in relation to the local community contribution rate, which is a sensible measure.

‘I would urge communities who feel that work needs to be done in their area under the Community Involvement Scheme to come together and see how best the project can be progressed and what members of the local community can contribute to the project.’