Headford landowners meet Ring on N84 issues


Landowners from the Headford area along with East Galway TD Paul Connaughton, met with Minister Michael Ring in Headford on Thursday last as the locals involved with the N84 realignment project sought to benefit from the increased goodwill payments available to those on national primary routes.

The meeting in the Angler’s Rest in Headford heard from two local landowners and their representatives, as well as IFA Regional Development Officer Roy O’Brien. At the meeting landowners outlined that the project has been at a very advanced stage for ten years and that the landowners had received documented offers over the years in relation to their land.

Speaking following the meeting, Deputy Connaughton said, ‘Goodwill payments to farmers who agree to the land purchase process required for national routes were recently reintroduced by Minister Michael Ring and a higher level of payment was made available for farmers along the N4 and N5 projects because they were at a very advanced stage of development. At Thursday’s meeting, landowners in the Headford area sought to benefit from the higher level of payments, arguing that their project was at an advanced stage for over a decade.

‘During the course of the meeting, Minister Ring outlined the struggle involved in getting the goodwill payments reinstated and noted that there was a fear that advancing the higher payments beyond the N4 and N5 projects would set a precedent which would open the floodgates in terms of allowing access to the higher payments.’

At the conclusion of the meeting, Deputy Paul Connaughton thanked Minister Ring for taking the time to go to Headford to meet with concerned landowners and pointed to the excellent case advanced by the local landowners, their representatives and the IFA. Minister Ring undertook to take into consideration the points raised in the Headford meeting in reaching a decision.