Consultation on Greenway is the way forward


East Galway TD Paul Connaughton described as positive a meeting between Minister Paschal Donohue and landowners and IFA representatives from County Galway which took place on Tuesday afternoon in Dublin.
‘The meeting between the Minister and local landowners and farm representatives was a good meeting, even if it was held late in the day in terms of this project. Such consultation should have taken place months ago. Proper consultation needs to take place with landowners and if that does take place, there is a good chance that this project will progress. It doesn’t matter if this is done house by house or land portion by land portion, but it is only with properly facilitated consultation that local landowners can be brought along with this project.
‘At the meeting, the Minister heard of farms that will be cut into three or four parcels by the proposed Greenway. That is the value of such consultation, the Minister needs to realise the implications that this piece of infrastructure will have on those trying to make a living from the land and people living in the locality.
‘I will continue to liaise with local landowners and promote proper consultation by the promoters of the Greenway and hopefully advances can be made in coming months in terms of bringing the project to fruition.’