Invitation to Davison


East Galway TD Paul Connaughton has issued an invitation to nutritionist, author and former Miss World Rosanna Davison to visit a dairy farm in East Galway and see for herself how dairy products are produced as he disagrees with her stated opinion that dairy products are linked to allergies and diseases.
‘Ms Davison is a well-known blogger and someone that many people look to for nutrition advice and I believe that her claims in relation to dairy products are misleading. I would like her to see at first-hand how dairy products are produced in the west of Ireland. I completely disagree with her claims linking dairy products to disease and allergies and I believe that people should eat dairy products as part of a healthy balanced diet.
‘Ms. Davison would be more than welcome to visit a dairy farm here in east Galway and I believe that by showing as many people as possible the high standards which pertain in the production of milk and milk products here in Ireland we may dispel some of the myths surrounding milk and dairy products.
‘As a descendant of the de Burgh family, Ms. Davison has strong links to East Galway and this county would be the perfect setting for a visit to a 21st century dairy farm. I have extended an invitation to Ms. Davison and look forward to her response.’