Funding needed for Cuan Mhuire


The need for additional funding for the Cuan Mhuire addiction treatment centre in Coolarne, Athenry was highlighted by East Galway TD Paul Connaughton this week.
On Wednesday night last (April 22nd), Deputy Connaughton accompanied representatives of Cuan Mhuire in Coolarne, Athenry to a meeting with Health Minister Leo Varadkar. At the meeting, the representatives of Cuan Mhuire outlined the work that they do in Athenry and elsewhere and the need for additional funding through lottery funding.
‘Cuan Mhuire is a drug, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation organisation which offers a residential programme at its centre in Coolarne, Athenry, one of five such centres across the country. Having visited the centre and seen the excellent work that is ongoing there, I believe that much greater efforts must be made to fund such centres and make people aware of the help that is out there for those battling addiction.
‘Every family across Ireland is affected by addiction in some way or other and it is imperative that we seek to educate and inform people about addictive substances, but also that we offer help and support to those who have found themselves addicted. As a government we have to examine the availability of such substances, be that illegal prescription drugs, internet gambling, street drugs or alcohol. We also have to offer support and hope to addicts and their families, thousands of people have recovered from addiction and their stories must be heard.
‘A conference this week in Dublin focused on women and alcohol and highlighted the dangers that alcohol poses to women’s health, especially given the prevalence of young women drinking more alcohol more often.
‘Wednesday night’s meeting between the representatives of Cuan Mhuire, Athenry and Minister Varadkar was a very worthwhile meeting. Afterwards Minister Varadkar had a very good understanding of the work done at Cuan Mhuire, work which is very often unseen except for those undergoing treatment and their families.
‘At the meeting the Minister heard calls for more resources for Cuan Mhuire as the support it offers individuals and families caught up in addiction is crucial. I will continue to make this case to Minister Varadkar, to ensure that proper facilities are available to open the door out of addiction for families across county Galway.’