Check your fater bills


East Galway TD Paul Connaughton this week advised farmers in the region to review their water bills and in particular to query standing charges on connections where little or no water is being used and check usage levels to identify leaks.
‘In recent weeks I have been contacted by a number of farmers in relation to high water bills. In many cases the farmers had multiple farm connections and standing charges formed a large part of their bills. I would urge farmers to query standing charges in cases where little or no water is being used and also to review their water usage in terms of annual household averages in case they are using an unusually high volume of water, which may indicate a leak.
‘Water is increasingly a problematic cost for small farmers, particularly on fragmented farms which are a feature of farms in this region and increasingly the cost of multiple connections is proving problematic for farmers. I would urge farmers to closely monitor these bills, to query high volumes through a particular meter or the high cost of standing charges were multiple meters are involved.’