Local schools will retain teachers under new thresholds


Improved teacher retention thresholds for smaller schools were today welcomed by East Galway TD Paul Connaughton.
‘I very much welcome the Government’s decision to improve the teacher retention thresholds for smaller schools. The change is welcome news for many rural schools and will directly result in many schools in East Galway retaining a teacher, among them St. Teresa’s NS, Killure, which will remain as a two-teacher school and Lawrencetown NS, which will remain as a three-teacher school. Many other schools across the region were in danger of losing teachers and the improved thresholds will ease the worries of many parents, teachers and principals.
‘The retention threshold for a second teacher has been reduced from 20 to 19, that for a third teacher from 56 to 53 and a fourth teacher from 86 to 83. There is also a new teacher allocation threshold for isolated one-teacher schools. The threshold for the appointment and retention of a second teacher in schools more than 8 km from the nearest school of the same type is being reduced from 20 pupils to 15 pupils.
‘These are significant changes and signal this Government’s commitment to the retention of smaller rural schools, which are the hub around which many villages and rural areas revolve.’