‘Book-passing’ on Portumna traffic calming scheme


East Galway TD Paul Connaughton has written to the National Roads Authority seeking clarification on their backing for a traffic calming scheme on the N65 adjacent to Portumna Retirement Village.
‘Residents of the Retirement in Village have been seeking traffic calming measures on the N65 near the Village for a number of years now. Over 200 local residents signed a petition seeking the installation of such measures, a project led by local resident Mr. Sam O’Rourke.
‘Galway County Council has made a submission to the National Roads Authority about the matter, but the NRA is stating that while it has responsibility for providing a safe national road network, the implementation of individual schemes is undertaken by local authorities.
‘Local residents need clarity on the NRA position, is the National Roads Authority in favour of the installation of traffic calming measures at this location and if so, has this support been communicated to Galway County Council?
‘I have taken this matter up with Minister Donohue and have also sought clear answers from the NRA in relation to their position. The area in question poses a number of difficulties for elderly residents. It is very difficult to cross the road as a pedestrian because of the speed of traffic coming over the brow of the hill and down towards the town. The speed of approaching traffic also makes it difficult for motorists trying to turn in or out of the retirement village. Pedestrian lights are needed on the brow of the hill as a matter of urgency.
‘For three years now, the issue has been passed from the Council to the NRA, but the time has come for the NRA to state clearly whether it supports these plans and if the NRA is strongly in support of these changes, then I am sure that Galway County Council will implement the necessary changes, but until such time as the authority in charge of national roads makes its position known, local residents will continue to have to cross a busy national road at a dangerous point.’