Protection needed for tenants


Greater protection is needed for tenants in cases where the property they are renting has been taken over by receivers, according to East Galway TD Paul Connaughton.
‘In recent weeks I have been approached by many individuals and families who are renting properties recently put into receivership. These individuals and families find themselves in an awful predicament. Some have been informed that they have two or three weeks to vacate their homes, even though they have an excellent track record as tenants. Many are on rent allowance and are finding it impossible to get alternative accommodation. Rent prices are rising and many landlords are refusing to take rent supplement. These individuals and families are facing the prospect of homelessness.’
‘Greater protection has to be afforded to people in this situation and there should be much greater clarity. Receivers should have to inform tenants of their rights because all too often tenants are losing out because they are isolated, afraid to speak up and find it difficult to get proper advice. I have already taken this matter up with the relevant Ministers but will be redoubling my efforts in coming weeks.’