Progress needed on Tuam Mother and Baby Home issue


The long shadow cast by events in the Mother and Baby Home in Tuam was fully brought home to East Galway TD Paul Connaughton when he met with individuals whose families are affected by events in the Home in Tuam recently.
On Friday 10th October, Deputy Connaughton met with a deputation of families affected by the issue in the Árd Rí Hotel in Tuam. At the meeting, which lasted over an hour, Deputy Connaughton heard from those present in turn as they recounted stories of how their families have been affected by events in the Tuam Mother and Baby Home and the questions that remain for them.
‘The stories I heard at the meeting certainly brought home to me how events in the Tuam Home decades ago are continuing to have a major effect on families.
‘At the time that this story broke, I, like many others, believed that the first thing that had to be done was to get an understanding of the nature and extent of the issue and the Government has taken action on that front. However, discussions on the topic in the media failed to convey the hurt and anxiety that this story caused to resurface and that is why testimony from families and those affected is so powerful.
‘The real distress of many of those present and the distress of adults who have watched the effect this story is having on their elderly mothers was very evident. The injustice done to these women and the trauma that resulted in their lives has been a very heavy burden. Of course, the real tragedy of this is that the people met in Tuam represent only a tiny fraction of those affected by events in the Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, many families are completely oblivious to the trauma this story has caused for their mother or grandmother.
‘At the meeting I resolved to take bring their concerns to the attention of the Minister for Children, Mr. James Reilly TD. This week I met with Minister Reilly in relation to this issue and discussed the need to get answers for the many questions that remain. I am also seeking to have the terms of reference for the Commission of Inquiry published as soon as possible. I will continue to meet with Minister Reilly in relation to this issue and will continue to liaise with the people and families affected by this issue.’