Consultation needed on Greenway route


More consultation is needed between Galway County Council and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in relation to the route that the new Greenway will take through the south of the county, according to local Fine Gael TD Paul Connaughton.
‘I am supportive of the Greenway project, which will bring much-needed tourism to the county, but a number of farmers in county Galway have been led to believe that the Greenway route will have to go through their land, which will split their holdings and make everyday farm live much more difficult for them.
‘We already have an issue with fragmented holdings and this project will prove a further inconvenience to some of the most productive farmers in the county. We have to make sure that these farmers are properly compensated, but it is even more important to make sure that their concerns are reflected in the route of the Greenway and that damage to existing farms is minimised.
‘I am calling on Galway County Council and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to meet with the farmers concerned in an effort to reach a common sense solution to the difficulties. I understand that existing infrastructure such as canals and minor roads is used in the route from Dublin to Athlone and this problem only arises in the route from Athlone to Galway, but hundreds of farmers in south county Galway will be affected by this. Every effort must be made to minimise the splitting of farm holdings and this will require more consultation and a degree of flexibility from the route planners.’