Time to lift moratorium on postions in OPW and Teagasc


The need for the moratorium on recruitment to by lifted to allow Teagasc and OPW to recruit key personnel was highlighted this week by Deputy Paul Connaughton.
Deputy Connaughton said that much-needed work by both agencies is being hampered by the moratorium on recruitment in the public service. ‘I will be making strong representations to the Ministers involved in coming weeks to lift the moratorium on recruitment in respect of certain key positions in the west of Ireland. I know that some OPW projects have been hampered by lack of staff and believe that the appointment of a small number of key staff would help ensure that key projects are allowed to continue.
‘In relation to Teagasc, if Irish farmers are to grow Irish food producing capability and meet the demands of 21st century consumers and the targets set out in Harvest 2020, a high level of support and advice must be provided to farmers. Innovation is key in the farming sector and I believe that the work of Teagasc in this respect must be supported.
‘I am fully aware that the country’s finances remain in a precarious state but believe that the appointment of key personnel in both Teagasc and OPW will reap long-term rewards and this is the message that I will be bringing to the relevant Ministers in coming weeks.’