Issue of undocumented horses must be addressed


Now is the time to tackle the issue of undocumented horses, according to East Galway TD Paul Connaughton, who said that the issue has the potential to result in major animal welfare issues this autumn.
‘There are 25,000 horses in the state at the moment without the proper documentation, which means that they cannot be slaughtered or exported and many horse owners cannot afford to feed them. If this issue is not properly addressed and resolved, state funds will have to be expended via County Councils in animal welfare payments for these horses.
‘I have met with the Minister and Department officials about this issue and will be raising this issue with them again in coming weeks and will continue to work with horse owners in an effort to get this resolved. I have highlighted the fact that many horse owners won’t be able to feed their animals through the winter and now is the time for action on this issue.
‘The issue of undocumented horses and abandoned horses has caused problems in the past for many county councils, including Galway County Council, and I believe that a speedy resolution to this issue is crucial in terms of animal welfare issues and will also save time and money for county councils across the country by avoiding the animal welfare issues that will surely arise this winter if this issue is not addressed.’