Barnaderg reprieve is a victory for local community


News that Barnaderg Post Office will remain open until at least July 2015 has been welcomed this week by East Galway T.D. Paul Connaughton.
‘I very much welcome the decision to keep Barnaderg Post Office open until July 2015 to determine its viability. However, I am disappointed that it is only a year-long extension. An Post should set out clear parameters as to what the criteria are for a viable post office so that local communities can have clear guidelines. I would also welcome clarity in relation to Cappatagggle and other post offices threatened with closure.
‘This is really a victory for the people of Barnadearg, for Bernard Keeley and his committee who mounted such a strong local campaign to have this service retained. I would urge local people to use the Post Office in Barnaderg to ensure that its future can be secured.
‘I would also urge An Post to work with the Government to ensure that we don’t have a drip feed of post offices threatened with closure, but rather ensure that the long-term viability of the post office network can be secured.