Connaughton calls for creation of cabinet position for rural development


East Galway T.D. Paul Connaughton has called for the creation of a cabinet position to oversee rural development, the remit of which would be the implementation of the recommendations contained in the recently published CEDRA report.
‘I believe that the only way the recommendations included in this report will be implemented is if a senior or junior Minister is appointed to bring together all the relevant departments and officials to make sure that this plan is implemented as soon as possible.
‘At a time when all small towns and villages are under pressure, it is important that their voice be represented at the cabinet table and I believe that the appointment of a Minister for Rural Development would be a first step in alleviating some of the fears of rural dwellers and householders and business interests in towns and villages across Ireland.
‘The CEDRA Report sets out some of the issues facing rural Ireland and some of the actions that can be taken to improve the economic life of our towns and village, whether that be Tuam, Loughrea or Athenry, or smaller villages the length and breadth of East Galway.
‘I have raised this matter with An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and with a cabinet reshuffle in coming months, it is a golden opportunity to create this position and hopefully over the next twelve to eighteen months we will see many more of the concerns of people who live in rural Ireland and in small villages and towns raised at cabinet level.’