Water allocation welcome


East Galway T.D. Paul Connaughton has welcomed the allocation of over €4.1 million for critical water infrastructure in County Galway.
‘The allocation for County Galway is the largest allocation in the country and the investment of over €4.1 million in the county’s water infrastructure will enhance water services at critical locations throughout the county.
The allocation is comprised of €2.5 million for the design, build and operation of group water schemes, €1 million for water conservation and network upgrades, €500,000 for the takeover of group water schemes and funding for connections to the public main and source protection works.
‘This is a very significant allocation and will result in an improved water service to the householders of County Galway. I particularly want to welcome the very significant of €2.5 million in the design, build and operation of various projects across the county and this will be welcomed by many local communities.’