South Galway communities need to see motorway drainage plans


‘Many communities in south Galway are apprehensive about the potential drainage problems that may be created by the construction of the N18 motorway stretching from Gort to Athenry,’ according to Deputy Connaughton.

Deputy Connaughton recently met worried farmers and community activists along the route of the new roadway when great fears were expressed about the impact such a major project could have on the normal water flows on its way to the sea. ‘Presently the south Galway communities, particularly in the Kiltartan and Ballinderreen areas are keeping their fingers crossed as the floodwaters creep up to dangerous levels and if the present rainfall continues this area could be plagued with the same flooding problems that it experienced a few years ago.’

‘However, in the medium term this flood pattern could become more acute if the National Roads Authority doesn’t make major provision for the normal flow of water through its drains and rivers that will ultimately have to pass under the huge new roadway.  Local communities need to see drainage details of the new roadway long before the project starts, as there are fears that sufficient notice may not be taken of the volume of water that would have to pass under the new roadway.’

Deputy Connaughton said that he is taking the matter up with the National Roads Authority to ensure that this massive necessary roads project does not make an already difficult drainage problem worse.