Connaughton welcomes details of CAP Pillar 2 funding


East Galway TD Paul Connaughton has welcome details of the CAP Pillar 2 funding, which he said will deliver key supports for the beef and sheep industry as well as new measures for young farmers.

‘I very much welcome the decision by the Government to allocate €270 million per annum for Pillar 2 which, along with €313 from Europe, will result in a total CAP investment of over €12.5 billion into the agri food sector up to 2020.

‘This will give reassurance to farmers, particularly in County Galway, as this is a very strong government commitment to farming and agri enterprises. The commitment that there will be a new environmental scheme called GLAS, which will replace the REPS programme, is very welcome and I also welcome the fact that Disadvantaged Area Scheme payments will be protected. There is also key support for the beef and sheep industry.

‘At all times I have worked with interested groups in lobbying the Minister for the best possible deal for farmers and in particular for Galway farmers and always believed that it is important that an industry that is continuing to grow and create jobs be supported into the future and I believe that this deal shows a very firm commitment to do so.

‘I very much welcome the specific targeting of young farmers for special top-up payments. While I believe more needs to be done to get young farmers into this industry, in particular in relation to land mobility and land access, this is a very welcome step forward.’