Cemetery committees facing mounting costs – Connaughton



Local cemetery committees, which provide very valuable work in terms of maintaining cemeteries on a voluntary basis, are finding it increasingly difficult to cover costs, according to Deputy Paul Connaughton.


‘All across East Galway, cemeteries are being maintained to a very high standard by local committee members, whose strimming and maintenance work adds greatly to the appearance of these cemeteries.  The work of these volunteers could not be replicated by Council staff in the current economic environment and I believe that every effort must be made to support these voluntary efforts.


‘In 2007 the cemetery maintenance grant was cut by over 50% and is now just €450, while the cost of burial plots has increased significantly in recent years.  I believe that more recognition should be given to the work of these voluntary groups and they should be able to avail of higher maintenance grants in line with the increasing burial costs.


‘I have taken this matter up with the County Manager Ms. Martina Maloney, requesting that Galway County Council examine the cost of providing extra support to such groups, perhaps through arrangements in terms of waste disposal or insurance or an increased support grant.  The goodwill of these groups must not be lost as without the voluntary efforts so apparent all across east Galway, our cemeteries would return to the overgrown and poorly maintained state which they were in before the formation of such groups.’