Connaughton queries Carer’s Allowance decisions




East Galway T.D. Paul Connaughton T.D. has written to Social Protection Minister Joan Burton in relation to the way that Carer’s Allowance applications are being processed.

‘In recent weeks, I have come across some unbelievable decisions in relation to Carer’s Allowance, applications where the person being cared for has a very real and demonstrable need for a full-time carer and where care is being provided in the most difficult situations, yet the application is being turned down.


‘There appears to be a drive on to reduce the number of Carer’s Allowance applications being given the green light, yet there is no forward thinking in terms of the repercussions that this will have.  I believe that our Accident and Emergency units could well be overwhelmed this winter where people, unable to care for elderly and frail relatives, neighbours and friends, bring them to Accident and Emergency units and refuse to accept them back into their care as they are not getting any assistance towards this. Such a move on a large scale would cripple our health service.

‘I believe that the Carer’s Allowance application system needs to be as streamlined as possible and function in a manner appropriate to the twenty first century and thus I am raising these matters with Minister Burton.’   ‘Carer’s are providing an invaluable service to this state and their contribution should be recognised, rather than made even more difficult.  I have written to Minister Joan Burton in relation to this and also to seek clarification on issues relating to administration, for example, it seems that items sent by email to the Department are printed out and added to the mounting pile for re-scanning, which seems a waste of time and resources at this critical juncture.