Connaughton welcomes reassurance for parents on resource teacher hours


The decision by Education Minister Ruairi Quinn to sanction 500 additional posts in schools to cope with a substantial increase in demand for resource teaching hours was welcomed today by Paul Connaughton T.D.

‘I welcome the fact that this decision has now been taken, but it should never have been flagged in the first place, as it caused huge worry and upset for parents of children with special needs in recent days.

‘Now that this decision has been made, we must use this as an opportunity for a much wider discussion about the services available to children with special needs, in particular in relation to young people who are waiting for speech therapy, occupational therapy and other key services.’

‘Further research is also needed into what is causing this unprecedented rise in applications for resource teacher support.  This year there will be a 1.3 percent increase in the number of students attending school, but there has been a 12 percent rise in applications for resource teacher support.’