Connaughton welcomes funding for water works in Ballygar and Woodford


East Galway TD Paul Connaughton this week welcomed funding for extensive work on water mains in Ballygar and Woodford at a total cost of over €390,000.

‘I welcome the fact that Minister Hogan has approved this work, which is vital to enhance water quality and prevent mains failure. The work involved will also identify pipe defects, improve pressure and flow and help reduce the instances of interruptions to supply and help the County Council to address leakage problems.

This mains replacement work is part of the Department of the Environment’s Water Services Investment Programme which aims to reduce loss in public supply networks. I welcome this effort to tackle the high level of water lost in the existing supply schemes in both Ballygar and Woodford and believe that this investment will result in better water quality and a better service to householders in both areas. This approval of the works by the Minister will allow Galway County Council to advance the works as quickly as possible.