Connaughton welcomes results of beef survey


‘50 beef products were randomly tested in Ireland as part of this European wide survey and all of the 50 products came back negative in terms of equine DNA. 47 pre-packed products were tested and three non-pre-packed products. Ireland along with the UK, Belgium, Malta and Slovakia had all clear results, while products tested in France, Greece and Germany had positive results.


‘I believe that these results show that Irish consumers can have confidence in beef products on sale in Ireland and Irish beef producers can also be confident that their top quality product is not being compromised by the presence of horse meat. Ireland was to the fore in exposing this European-wide scandal and I believe that Ireland can also be to the fore in terms of restoring consumer confidence and putting proper protocols in place to ensure that there is no repeat of the problem.


‘Tests such as those released today, should be continued on a regular basis across Europe until people in all EU countries are assured of the origin of the food that they are eating. Irish beef is a top quality product, being a grass-based product and is produced under stringent rules in terms of traceability. Consumers of Irish beef deserve to know the exact provenance of their product, and Irish beef producers need to be assured that their top quality product is not being compromised and that is why I will be pushing for such testing to continue on a regular basis all across Europe.


‘The fact that all Irish samples were free from equine DNA is welcome, but we must make sure that this problem is never repeated in Ireland or anywhere across the EU and that is why I believe that continuous random testing and the publication of these results is vital to restoring consumer confidence.’