Returned Irish May get UK Winter Fuel Payment – Connaughton


People who worked in the UK and have retired to Ireland may be eligible for the UK Winter Fuel Payment Allowance, according to East Galway TD Paul Connaughton.

‘In the last ten years the UK Government has paid out over €9.5 million under this scheme to Irish people who have returned to Ireland to live. The annual payment ranges between £100 and £300 sterling, depending on circumstances.

‘Under European law, benefits acquires in one member state must be paid to people who live outside that state but within the European Economic Area or Switzerland.  Because of this, Winter Fuel Payments were extended to former UK residents – including Irish people – living elsewhere if they qualified for a payment before leaving the UK.

‘Until last year this money could only be paid to Irish people if they received the payment while in the UK and then transferred it to Ireland. However, this was changed following a ruling by the European Court of Justice last year and now Irish people who weren’t in receipt of the payment while in the UK can avail of it.

‘To be eligible for this fuel payment, the only requirement is that a claimant was born on or before July 5th, 1951and have a genuine and sufficient link with the UK. I believe that manypeople in County Galway can easily prove they have lived or worked in the UK for most of their working lives.

‘If you think you may be eligible, you can contact me at my constituency office on (093) 52000 or visit the website on’