Connaughton Highlights Delays at Athenry Train Station


East Galway T.D. Paul Connaughton has contacted Iarnród Éireann after receiving complaints from a number of people in the Athenry area about delays experienced at the local train station.

‘In recent days I have been contacted by a number of very frustrated local residents who have been forced to wait for up to 25 minutes behind closed railway gates with no apparent passing train.

‘People appreciate that the railway crossing gates have to close for approximately three minutes to allow trains to pass, but to sit and wait for up to twenty minutes with no passing train is proving particularly frustrating.  One element that adds to this frustration is the lack of communication between the company and road users and the lack of answers when road users contact the company.

‘Motorists are not the only people inconvenienced by this, many pedestrians unable to use the footbridge, or people pushing children in buggies or wheelchairs, have no option but to wait for the gates to reopen.  A lift was installed some time ago, presumably at significant expense, but it appears to have been out of service for a considerable time.

‘I have contacted Iarnród Éireann and sought answers in relation to this matter. It’s about time that the company communicated in a proper manner with the people of Athenry and provided answers in relation to the delays being experienced and the inconvenience caused to motorists and pedestrians in the town.’