Councils wasting money pursuing the wrong people on Household Charge


Galway County Council is wasting thousands of euro pursuing householders who have already paid the Household Charge, according to Paul Connaughton T.D.

‘In the past week, I have been inundated with complaints from people all across east Galway who, despite the fact that they paid their Household Charge on time, recently received letters asking them to pay the charge and warning that they now face a charge of €128. Given that over two thirds of householders in County Galway have paid the charge, the Council should be concentrating their resources on the remaining third, not wasting money writing out to those who have already paid.

‘Another problem for those who have already paid is that they are being asked to ring a number in Dublin, despite the letter having been issued by Galway County Council and are placed on hold for a time before they can speak to a member of personnel and let them know their receipt number.  This is placing an extra cost on householders at a time when few can afford any additional cost.

‘The price of writing out to all of these people unnecessarily will ultimately be borne by the people of the county, including rate payers who are already under huge pressure and I believe that the County Council already has the resources in place all across the county to match those who have paid with householders on other lists that they are working from.’