Connaughton welcomes progress on farm payment


Deputy Paul Connaughton has welcomed the fact that payments under the Disadvantaged Area Scheme will begin issuing to farmers in the middle of next week.

‘Payments will begin issuing to farmers in the middle of next week, with many of the first batch of payments issuing on Wednesday, September 25th. Last year over €17 million euro was paid to over eight thousand farmers in County Galway, representing a huge boost to the economies of towns and villages across the region.

‘This year farmers are particularly dependant on the payment, given the unprecedented difficulty in securing fodder because of the extremely poor weather experienced all summer.  I have raised this issue with the Minister and stressed that it is crucial that this payment issues as soon as possible, given the cashflow difficulties being experienced in many farming households.

‘In cases where farmers don’t receive their payment and are asked for further documentation, I would urge them to supply the documents requested as soon as possible so that any query can be sorted out and payment issued.’