Action being taken on burglaries – Connaughton


Action is being taken following a number of burglaries in the north east Galway region, according to local TD Paul Connaughton.

“A large number of houses and schools in north east Galway have been burgled in recent weeks and householders are anxious that every precaution is taken to firstly deter people from such burglaries and also to ensure that people in local communities are well aware of the problem and on a heightened state of alert.

“Many of these home burglaries are taking place during the day and people in local areas are asked to be extra vigilant in terms of strange cars or people in the local area. A large number of schools have been broken into and quite apart from
the items stolen, the cost of repairs is causing significant headaches for school management.

“I am currently working with local action groups to ensure that this problem is addressed. Heightened awareness among local communities will be key to addressing this problem and the establishment of new Community Alert groups is one approach that is being taken.

“I would urge anyone who sees anything suspicious in their local area to contact the Gardaí and would also ask householders to get involved with their local Community Alert group.”