Advance SFP payments welcome


Almost 10,000 farmers in County Galway have now received their advance Single Farm Payment, with over €33 million having been paid to date to farmers in the county, according to Paul Connaughton T.D.

“The advance payment of over €33.8 million to farmers in county Galway is very significant, allowing these farmers to pay bills that have accrued to contractors, feedstuff suppliers, vets and others involved in providing services to farmers.

“However, it is worth noting that of the 11,691 farmers eligible for Single Farm Payment, 9,909 have been paid, leaving 1,782 farmers currently awaiting their advance payment. This is a very significant number of farmers and staff of the Department of Agriculture are working hard to ensure that this number is reduced as fast as possible. However, many of those currently awaiting their payments are under huge financial pressure, with merchants and suppliers looking for their money, while the farmer remains powerless to pay.

“A great many of these farmers awaiting payment have issues in relation to the digitisation of plots and the whole question of the digitisation process needs to be examined to ensure that the process is as streamlined as possible and farmers are paid their advance payment as soon as possible.”